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Replacement Rubber Poultry / Chicken Plucker Fingers x 60

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Replacement Rubber Poultry / Chicken Plucker Fingers x 60

60 x replacement rubber fingers for our chicken plucking machines
Product code: 10095
✔ Made from quality yellow rubber ✔ Compatible with KuKoo pluckers ✔ FREE UK P&P
Price: £59.99
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These rubber plucker fingers are ideal to use with the Monster Chef range of plucking machines.

Our tub style pluckers consist of a stainless steel barrel lined with these yellow rubber plucking fingers and as the base of the barrel spins these rub against the poultry removing the birdsí feathers quickly and efficiently. After excessive use of the plucking machines, some of these rubber fingers can become worn and may limit the machines ability to pluck feathers as effectively. Therefore, these fingers are ideal to purchase if your machine is used on a regular basis or as a spare part, alongside a new plucking machine.

Our range of electric plucking machines can de-feather a wide range of poultry in a matter of seconds, including quail, pigeon, chicken, duck, goose, turkey.

If you're new to automatic poultry plucking, take a look at our article How to get the best results from your chicken plucker for top tips and further information.

Product features:

  • 60 x rubber plucker fingers
  • Compatible with our 50cm and 60cm KuKoo Chicken Plucking Machines
  • 9.5cm long
  • 3cm to 1.5cm diameter

The 30cm poultry plucker, 50cm chicken plucker machine and 60cm chicken feather removal machine can also be purchased through the Monster Chef website.

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